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About Harburg



Harburg is outside the gates of Hamburg, to the South of Elba. Harburg,
a large and important district of Hamburg, has belonged to Hamburg since 1938.
The Industries, services, the countryside and great part of the population of Hamburg
aad to the unique characteristics of the region.

The town of Harburg has arisen from a dwelling around an old fortress set up
on the Southern bank of the Elba.
The fortress itself dates back in the Middle Ages. It has served a number of rulers to
defend lower Elba and has been destroyed and rebuilt serveral times throughout the ages.

Today there are only remnants of an old palace and a small port at the town center end,
but the fortress is gone.

The Mayor`s Hall of Harburg, built between 1888 and 1892, is the present center of
the town.

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